Bobbie Wayne is a versatile performer. Since 1983 she has been writing her own songs and instrumentals, playing Celtic Harp and Appalachian dulcimer. With a degree in voice, she has a repertoire which encompasses Celtic, 18th century, 19th century, traditional and contemporary folk. Bobbie also performs a one-woman show "Greensleeves-A Holiday Tradition," which tells the history of American Christmas customs with poetry and lore, and songs in six languages.

A recipient of "Meet the Composer grants," Bobbie has played major clubs, festivals and venues throughout the East Coast. For eight years she was a Nashville, TN songwriter, and while there, played on recordings, performed at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and most of the areas' historic sites. Bobbie especially loves playing music from Colonial America with her husband, guitarist Dan Mozell.

Bob Sherman wrote for the New York Times: "A master of the Celtic Harp...Bobbie is a terrific harp player as well as a fine singer."

Bobbie is also an artist specializing in animal paintings. 

Dan Mozell is a guitarist and mandolin player who has performed traditional and contemporary music styles at historic sites, festivals and clubs since 1983. Dan's repertoire includes music from America, Ireland, Scotland and England. He is the author of three books, "The Incomplete Celtic Guitar: Volumes I and II", and The Incomplete Celtic Mandolin. His greatest musical delight is performing 18th century music with his wife, harper and singer Bobbie Wayne. Visit Dan's website at