Bobbie Wayne is a writer, musician and visual artist. Her stories have appeared in The Ravens Perch, Intrinsick, SLAB, Blueline Magazine, and Colere literary journal.  Her book "Lifelines: Daily Antidotes to Animus and Angst," will be released in 2023. To pre-order from Rootstock Publishing, click here.



Lifelines is a timeless book that arrived just in time! It’s filled with simple, positive, live-affirming acts that bring focus, purpose, and meaning to the very moment.” 

–Jay Ungar, fiddler and composer of “Ashokan Farewell”


“I could immediately relate to Lifelines. I have often described my challenges with anxiety and depression as sometimes needing to ‘fight the funk.’ Bobbie Wayne has given us a gift by prescribing specific, meaningful steps in this effort. When in a funk, it’s often hard to find motivation, but Lifelines reminds us that joy can be found in simple acts of kindness or thoughtful self-reflection. Even more, Bobbie reminds us to focus on today — the now. And right now, I encourage people to pick up Lifelines.”

–Cheryl Hamilton, founder and director of Stellar Story Company 


“I love everything about Lifelines. Even if your life is crazy-busy–and maybe especially if that’s the case–each of these eye-opening lifelines will improve your focus on the task that really matters: our real job on the planet, of making this world a kinder, better place. Each of these lifelines helps us feel both empowered and humbled. Each helps us free ourselves from helplessness. And by completing each of these lifelines, we practice compassion, and thus harness the greatest force for change for good. BRAVA!!”

–Sy Montgomery, author of How to Be a Good Creature: a Memoir in Thirteen Animals